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Plant Spirit Art

A Portal to Reflect… to See… Through the Eyes of Comfrey
A Portal to Reflect… to See… Through the Eyes of Comfrey
Acrylic and Comfrey Infusion on Canvas
24” x 30”

Dissolve Into Stillness; Into the Void…the Dark Unknown….the Subconscious Mystery
With Comfrey as Your Ally; Your Guiding Wise Crone

I Think of Paintings as Portals to Commune with the Spirit. This is a Portal to Commune with the Plant Spirit of Comfrey; and in Turn with Your Own Deep Rooted Wisdom. Comfrey is one of my Beloved Plant Allies; the Embodiment of Resilience, a Regenerative Spirit.

Grounded with an Open Third Eye
Let Their Greenery Spiral Around You
Golden Thread Stitching Parts of You Back Together
to Wholeness, to Holiness
They Tend with Messages of Safety, Trust and Rest
Strong and Gentle
Calm and Alert
Holding Energy in Balance
Guided by a Glowing Green Heart Full Yet Open
Relax, Trust
Walk the Dark Wooded Path by the Light of Your Green Hearts Glow
One Step at a Time
Grounded and Open
The Hermit
The Crone
Pause, Look and See…
See Yourself Through the Eyes of Comfrey
Wait and Witness…..
What Will Emerge From the Void
From Being Still, Grounded
Open and Present