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The Descent
The Descent
Acrylic & Blue Lotus Infusion on Canvas
18” x 36”

💧The Descent💧

You can descend, You can descend, You can
What if when we felt like we are drowning
Resisting the flow, the pull of our waters
We are drowning
We surrendered
To the depths of the sea we surrender
Deeper still……We Descend
Be like water
Let us be like water
Surrender to the water
To the flow, to the pull, to the shapeshifting
Surrender into dream-space
Into the in-between subconscious mystery
The depths of the sea
The Inner World Underworld Journey
Welcome darkness
Welcome primordial waters
Welcome Blue Lotus
Enter the unseen, Guided we surrender
We descend deeper still
Into sacred space, held in-between
We are safe here
This is our imagination space
Begin to conceive
Begin the process of conscious creativity
We can breathe here, be here, just be
Receive from the depths of the sea
From darkness comes light, illumination
Clarity, the key, the key to transformation
Suspended here, or is it
Is it the journey, the opening of the heart
The relaxing of the mind
The shifting of consciousness
The surrender to the unseen
The entrance of in-between that is the key
The way to light, our clarity, our re-membering
Conscious energetic & elemental beings
We descend, drop in so deep, we re-emerge
Above from the darkest depths of Below
Reborn, re-membered
As Above so Below Divine and Centered
Matter and Spirit Meet in Sacred Alchemy
With grace and bliss we move we breathe
Let us be
Let us be like water
Let us be
Let us be like blue lotus
Let us be