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This tattoo is a visual spell created by Amanda Marie female tattoo artist and tarot reader in her private tattoo studio in upstate New York just outside of Ithaca she is also a green witch and this tattoo was inspired by plant mediation she is also traum
Visual Spell Tattoo

This Tattoo is a Visual Spell Created in Response to a Plant Medication I had with Burdock . The Message Received in Meditation Through Vision and Sensation; The Cauldron is the cave at the center of the heart, the heart of the earth, your heart. What is stirring in your heart, within your soul? Let yourself be pulled by and move with your stirrings. Trust the steam of the cauldron, your hearts emanating desires will manifest. Keep the fire under the cauldron lit. Feed your solar fire, your soul fire. Your stirrings, longings, and inspirations are being released energetically into the world.