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This painting is a visual spell for the grieving soul done with acrylic and crystals by Amanda Marie witch artist tattoo artist tarot reader and energy healer as well as green witch living in upstate new york
Spell to Hold Space for the Grieving Soul
Acrylic, Crystals
22” x 27.5”

This is a Spell to hold space for the grieving soul . Containing ground tourmaline to hold and ground heavy energies . To bring the viewer, the seeker to the present moment and provide a psychic armor . Protection in the depths of shadow, of the subconscious, of strong emotional pull . To guide the seeker to the wisdom to be found there and help them to clear and let go of what is ready to be shed . To emerge reborn, transformed

Inspired by a vision I had during a sound bath at the David Lynch Festival of Disruption years ago; this painting is about grief but also hope. The 5 of cups is a card of surrender . When we are experiencing grief, sadness and loss it can sometimes feel as if we are drowning in the waters of the spilled cups . What was lost . The way to the surface from the shadowy depths is to move through them . Can we surrender to our feelings allowing them to be felt . To be released . To move through us and remember the nourishment that comes from water . Can we mine the depths of the sea for a treasure; a key to be found in the dark . A small glimmering light to feed the soul and begin to refill the spilled cups . Traditionally it is said that the seeker can’t see the two cups that remain upright . I don’t believe that this is necessarily true . Sometimes grief is hardest when you can see those cups but can’t seem to take them . Holding deep sadness and available joy at the same time can be difficult to do . This card teaches us how to do that . How to hold both and . Then healing and transformation can take place . The Blood Moon and it’s intense pull on the tides reminds us that healing is a cyclical, spiralic Journey . Not a straight and easy path . To be gentle with ourselves, compassionate and to honor our cycles and seasons . The Ouroboros around the moon reminds us that where there is death there is rebirth . We are emerging from the depths reborn, transformed. Life Death Life . What was lost has been Transformed