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This is a sacred spiritual ornamental tattoo done by Amanda Marie female tattoo and art witch and artist located in upstate New York near Ithaca in her private tattoo and tarot studio
Empowerment Tattoo

“Traditionally in my native tribe, women getting tattooed on their chin was sign of our rite of passageway to womanhood. I Immediately thought of Amanda- a woman of divine witchery and craft to tattoo this symbolic moth under my chin. The moth represents the Divine feminine- they are attracted to light and are awake in the darkness- connecting their soul to yin. (And what better person to create the moth than a moth herself, as she resonates with them as well) The patterns down along my neck are very special- that of the traditional Filipino tattoo work. The snake (Labid) in the middle was designed exclusive for the warriors. The snake is held sacred to my ancestors. This tattoo is here to remind me that of my culture and of being a warrior woman. Carrying all the stories of my ancestors and to heal the wounds of the past by embodying all that it is to be a divine empowered woman.”
- Hannah Daos