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this is a tattoo of a crystal magick wand from the realm of merlin done by Amanda Marie tattooer at ace of wands tattoo in Los Angeles California San Pedro. this tattoo embodies magick and is a reminder that the magick comes from within you always believe
Crystal Wand

From the Realm of Merlin; Mythological Wizard

Created to be an important reminder; to always believe in Magick and that Magick comes from within. Having and using mystical handcrafted objects is beautiful and fun, but with or without these objects; the true Magick is within you always.

My favorite moment while creating this tattoo was when my client said that he could see his inner light shining through the crystal. When I photographed the crystal for reference, I held it up to the light shining through my window so that I could see all the detail within. The concept fully came together in that moment. His light was now the light shining through the crystal; always reminding him that the magick is within.